We mine diamonds in harmony with the local environment and in close collaboration with our host communities


Talvo has actively been investing in the diamond industry since 2010 and opened its first mining operation in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2012. In the same year Talvo was, for the first time, able to supply the market with single-origin diamonds.

Talvo constantly seeks to increase its reach along the diamond value chain with the vision to become a fully integrated medium scale diamond producing and processing company.

Talvo is committed to its environment and targets to contribute to the positive development of the countries it operates in.



Talvo is a Swiss based privately owned company operating one of the most advanced industrial diamond mines in the Democtratic Republic of Congo. Talvo is headquartered in Luzern, Switzerland and is run by locally based industry experts overseeing all aspects of the production lifecycle.


Diamonds are amongst the most treasured and mystical goods on earth. They have been formed over many million years and a very skilled eye is necessary to discover them. The journey of a rough diamond begins deep down in the earth and undergoes multiple steps before it ends as the masterpiece of a jewellery item.