Sustainable mining taking into consideration the environmental setting and local communities is one of Talvo’s core objectives

Open Pit Mining

Open Pit mining is a surface mining technique of extracting rock or minerals from the earth by removal from an open pit. It is used when diamond ore appears near the surface of is covered by a relatively thin layer of sand or gravel. Once the ore has been exposed, it is broken up before taking it to be processed.

The layout of each mine depends on the size and shape of the diamond deposit as well as the characteristics of the rock.

Alluvial Mining

Diamonds have been carried by water and wind down rivers over millions of years.

Alluvial diamonds have been removed from the primary source (kimberlite) by natural action and have eventually been deposited in a new environment such as river beds.

In the Tshikapa region of the Democratic Republic of Congo deposits of the resulting alluvial diamonds are found along the Congo River and its various offspring’s.