At a Glance

Talvo is a privately owned medium scale diamond producer and resource development company which has compiled a portfolio of diamond projects. These projects are located in the Kasai-Oriental Province of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Talvo’s diamond mineral assets represent a balanced portfolio of projects and prospects consisting of: mine production asset; advanced exploration projects and prospective diamond assets that represent long-term growth for the Group.

Talvo aims to develop the various projects according to international standards and wants to be recognized as a reliable source for high-quality, single-origin gem stones.

The long-term strategy of Talvo is to reshape the Swiss Jewelry Industry by actively investing in the upstream diamond value chain to capture the potential that diamonds represent as an alternative investment class. Therefore, generating an added value both in Africa and Switzerland. 

Talvo is headquartered in Luzern, Switzerland and has a local subsidiary in the Democratic Republic of Congo.